Beauty photography shot for Icona Lashes. Model has eyes closed with long eyelashes, brown eyeshadow, and a nude lipstick. She has bare shoulders. Her hand rests gracefully on her shoulder. Shot in Austin, TX at photogroup
Profile angle of model with long eyelashes. Her makeup is dramatic yet neutral. The model has hair slicked back and this is a very clean photograph of a cosmetic product. Beauty photography in Austin Texas
Portrait of an Austin Aztex  Soccer player. Portrait photography done for Austin Aztex website and Diko Creative.
Austin Aztex Soccer player jumping with a soccer ball. Sports photography shot in Austin, Texas
Portrait of an Austin Aztex Soccer Player. Editorial photography done for Austin Aztex website.
Pin up photography of a girl holding a handful of blueberries and a cocktail. There is a blue background and she is wearing a white halter top. She has a lot of tattoos including sleeves and a chest piece.
Pin Up Photo Shoot of a model holding a pink cocktail, wearing a pink dress, with a pink hibiscus flower in her hair. She is in front of a pink background. Fashion Photography done in Austin Texas.
Photo composite of a girl wearing vintage clothing from the 1960's. She has been placed into a scanned image of a Better Homes and Gardens spread. This photo features the colors orange and white. Fashion photography in Austin
Photography composite of a girl wearing a white dress from the 1950's. She is in a room with red and white home decor. Setting is a vintage better homes and gardens spread. Textile photo shot in Austin Texas.
Photo Illustration of a girl composited into a vintage Better Homes and Gardens spread. There is a green carpet and dramatic lighting she wears a pink kimono style robe. The style is Film Noir. Photographed in Austin Texas.
Photo composite using shadow puppets and two models reenacting the russian folktale The Snowmaiden (Snegurochka). There is a hut and a well behind the prince and the maiden who maiden melts into the ground. Shot in Austin, TX
Fashion photograph taken with a ring flash. Sexy male model unlatches belt. He has a body builder's shape with defined muscles. He wears jeans and is shirtless. Portrait taken in Austin Texas.
Tamara de Lempicka inspired photographic illustration. Model has long curled hair and contoured make up. She wears a white robe and the photoshop created grey background consists of squares reminiscent of skyscrapers.
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